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Company Profile of FPS Indonesia

As the global trading move fastly, efficiency should be counted on every distance of goods movement. We, at FPS Indonesia provides sources to facilitate the necessity such as committed, dedicated and experience people to execute the tasks; communication tools and devices to ensure effective communication take place and update information with regard to cargo journey and other means and infrastructure as well.

All sources are addressed to generate such output with focus on satisfaction of the customers which is mostly identified as a unique ones. For this purpose, consistently should be a prerequisite for all of processes of service delivery by which long term relationship can be created and maintaining for mutual benefit can be achieved. To constitute this purpose, the management has been and continually committed to establish, implement, maintain and improve the subscribed management systems.

It is Mr. Iskandar Zulkarnain, the founder of Iska Niaga Darma Group and Famous Pacific Shipping Group of Network Companies who involve to lead the company at time being since the beginning (1991) and after its autonomous (2006) with the focus on LCL Consolidation, complement with related services such as NVOCC, domestic transporter, customs clearance broker, packing provider, project cargo handling and all related services in managing moving of cargoes. Supported by 13 branch offices spread out from Medan (North Sumatera) at the west to Mataram (East Nusa Tenggara) at the east, FPS Indonesia keep on track to go faster and faster to face inevitability of globalization.

Since establishing, FPS Indonesia altogether with overseas network agents has introduced the brand of “FPS – Famous Pacific Shipping” in a carefully managed fashion. Rolling-out the brand extensively to key regional markets in Asia, thus promoting Indonesia as an excellent opportunity to enhance its credibility and standing; and therefore, allow it to strengthen the brand internationally.

Famous Pacific Shipping’s global network now includes 43 individual companies, from 22 different nations worldwide, working together under the FPS banner.