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04 August 2020
Comprehensive Value Added Services
Comprehensive Value Added Services

Although cargo shipment remains our core business, we offer a number of support operations that enable you to exercise greater control over your supply chain.

Customs liaison and consultancy
We work very closely with national Customs authorities and can offer extensive advice on customs procedures, rates of duty, as well as providing a full customs brokerage service.

Hazardous goods
Legislation in many countries requires that all companies distributing goods by air, road, rail or inland waterways need to have designated safety advisors and we offer dangerous goods consultancy services to ensure that customers meet the legislative requirements.

Fiscal services
Where necessary, we can provide full fiscal respresentation, market intelligence, and assist in product purchase and sales, including all documentation.

For many years, FPS has been a leading e-business player in the world shipping industry. Our innovative and customer-oriented IT solutions have enabled us to meet a variety of key customer needs.

Liasbility insurance
All offieces of the FPS Group are covered by liability insurance.

International affiliations
FPSGroup is registered with all shipping related controlling organisations; such as FIATA, IATA and Chamber of Commerce, as well as the majority of offices having attained ISO 9001: 2008 / NQA Register Quality Assurance